ONE by PaperWise securely manages all your critical business content in a single location. ONE’s framework provides tools to capture, manage, access, process, share and integrate. The flexibility of these tools allow the solution to be molded around your business model, processes and objectives.

What we do

ONE by PaperWise facilitates and manages all of your digital and non-digital content through tool-based solutions.

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What to look for

There are critical aspects to consider when it comes to your corporate data, this guide walks you through 10 key aspects.

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Where to begin

Understand the necessary steps associated with developing solution that caters to the unique needs of your company.

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Your Industry

Understanding the demands of your business

Our Modules

What you need in a dynamic business environment

ONEform allows your business to present online fillable pdfs to potential users with pre-populated database information. Within these forms, you can tailor your own proprietary forms with required fields.

ONEportal allows your business to expand your solution with a 24/7 public-facing portal, from which clients can collaborate and view information.

ONEreporting lets you view tailored dashboards, create custom reports and automate report outputs, based on database information, to manage and monitor business KPI’s.

ONEmessaging is an internal messaging and chat module that allows anyone within the ONE system to communicate.

ONEsignature provides your business with the capability to securely send and receive electronically signed forms. ONEsignature documents exceed ESIGN* security requirements.

ONEintegration allows real-time access to data residing in your management system or business applications.

ONEworkflow lets you create, manage and modify specific workflows that allow individuals to direct documents and tasks to the responsible user(s).

ONEnotification is an external notification module that allows your team members to push messages and notifications out to others not using ONE through email or text messages.

ONEfileshare lets you share any file or group of files, no matter file size or type, through secure links or the ONE platform.

ONEaccess provides your business with the ability to access any document repository, such as network folders, content management systems or document management systems.

ONEcommerce gives your business the ability to trade or facilitate the trading of products or services online.

ONEsync allows for data import from third party applications by utilizing common exported files. This data is then synced with the ONE database.

PARTNER with PaperWise

Strategic collaboration creating industry leading solutions


Our Value Partner program rewards our clients who provide referrals to PaperWise with residual payments. As a Value Partner, you can also receive software discounts, marketing support and additional benefits from PaperWise.


The Alliance Program helps define successful solutions. This program consists of clients of both PaperWise and a business application needing document management and workflow functionality. Program members bridge the gap and provide business expertise.


When becoming a Technology Partner, Independent Software Vendors (ISV) can tightly integrate PaperWise products into their own solutions and sell the combined solution for out-of-the-box offerings and reduced deployment complexity.


Compatibility, collaboration and sound technology resources are hallmarks of PaperWise Integration Partners. These companies require an Enterprise Content Management solution to enhance their product(s) and work together to market the solution.


PaperWise enables your developers to create powerful, purpose driven applications. Providing tools to write powerful applications to support your company’s mission is a value we offer. We make our platform accessible and useful to developers.